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Read SAEBS Outlook Newsletter -third Quarter 2020

Dear Readers

On behalf of SAEBS, the Department of Food & Resource Economics, would like to share with you the third issue of SAEBS outlook for 2019-2020. This outlook is a continuation of work initiated by Dr. Felix A. Nandonde, currently Director for Production and marketing in the Ministry of livestock & Fisheries. Dr.Nandonde who was the editor of this SAEBS outlook is really appreciated. We promise to honor his diligent efforts. We thus encourage our readers to contribute feature articles and other stories for the coming issue. It is through your contribution that we can make this outlook more amazing.SAEBS will be delighted to receive your views and contributions in this regard. Email your submission to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Zena T. Mpenda
Head of Department

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