Tanzania Agricultural Economics Student Association (TAGRESA) held an event to officially welcome its new members (BSc AEA year 1). The event took place on Saturday 14th  December 2019 at the SMC, Freedom Square.

Dean of School and  staff members from SAEBS, Dr Anna Temu Chairperson of SUGECO, and Mr Patrick Coordinator of USA Internship has attended the event

Dr. Anna Temu officiated the event , there after Head of Department of DAEA Dr. Daniel Ndyetabula present a speech on how important the private sector is and different ways in which students can benefit or work within and outside the country.

TAGRESA aims to bring together all students and other concerned parties that have strong interest in the field of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. This Society was  created to meet the following Purposes.

  • A forum to Analyze and Discuss Current Economic and Business trends concerning Agriculture.
  • Source of Academic Materials to Students pursuing Agriculture, Economics and Business Related fields.
  • Source of information to all Agricultural Economics Students
  •  Lastly, it is a home to all people with strong interest in Agriculture, Economics and Business Related fields.

TAGRESA is a very important as it input members to such associations as AGREST, AAAE and IAAE. It is a critical source of the scientific world in the domain of Agricultural Economics.





IBUA ni Taasisi inayoshirikiana na Financial Sector Deepening Trust(FSDT) kuibua sauti za vijana wadogo (16-24) katika sector ya Fedha katika uchumi wa nchi yetu.
Tar 16 November ,2019,kulikuwa na "UNIVERSITY DEBATE" Katika Mkoa wa Morogoro ukiwa na kichwa cha mdahalo "Je,Vijana wa kike na kiume wakishiriki katika huduma za kifedha ,itasaidia kukuza uchumi wa nchi yetu?" Ikiwa imechagua mwakilishi mmoja katika kila chuo cha Morogoro(SUA,Mzumbe,St.Joseph na MUM) kuwa wakilishi.
Na katika mdahalo huo Naishiye E. Ole Loning'o Mwaka wa 3 katika Shahada ya Uchumi na Kilimo aliwakilisha Chuo Kikuu Cha Sokoine Cha Kilimo (SUA) na Kuibuka kuwa mshindi wa pili katika mashindano hayo yaliyofanyika Katika Chuo Kikuu Cha Mzumbe,Tarehe 16 Novemba ,2019.





SAEBS celebrate 35th Graduation Ceremony -SUA

On Friday, 22nd November 2019, at the Nelson Mandela Freedom Square hall in Mazimbu, Morogoro, the Chancellor of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) Hon. Joseph Sinde Warioba conferred PhDs, Masters degrees, Bachelor degrees, Diploma and Certificate qualifications to the 2018/2019  year graduands.

Among the graduands were from School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies (SAEBS) were Confered PhD, Masters,and Bachelor degree.graduation 1

Chancellor of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) Hon. Joseph Sinde Warioba (Left) conferring PhD awards to one of graduate during 35th SUA graduation Ceremony

Out of 2876 graduates, the graduands from School of Agricultural Economics, 3 students received Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)  degree 7 students received degree in  Msc Agricultural Economics  9 Students received degree in  MBA Agribusiness  18 students Msc Agricultural and Applied Economics received their degree 238 students Received their degree ,Bsc  in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness (AEA)

graduation 2


graduation 3

graduation 4

The 11th AGREST conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 11th AGREST conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM) is taking place today  13th till 15th  of  November 2019 at St. Gasper Conference Centre in Dodoma. The theme of the conference is THE FOUTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION: IMPLICATIONS FOR AGRICULTURAL AND AGRO PROCESSING DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA.

The Guest of Honour, Excellence Hussein Mohamedi Bashe (Mp) Deputy Minister Ministry of Agriculture officiated the conference


agrest 1

agrest 01

The chairperson Dr. Elibariki Msuya take the opportunity to officially welcome  all to the 11th Agricultural Economics Society of Tanzania (AGREST) Scientific Conference and Annual General meeting. And he says this time again (as was case for the last conference) it is being held here in Dodoma, the effective capital of the country after the recent  decision of the President to move to Dodoma. I am glad to say that we are happy to be able to hold two consecutive conferences. Last conference attracted 24 scientific paper and about 40 participants. I wish to record especially the initiatives from staff of the School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies (SAEBS) of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), which made this year’s conference possible.

The Chairperson continue to say membership to AGREST is open to all persons having interest in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness.

agrest 03

Speaking at the opening speech hon. Hussein Mohamedi Bashe (Mp) Deputy Minister Ministry of Agriculture says the theme “The 4th Industrial Revolution: Implications for Agricultural and Agro-Processing Development in Africa”. Is very timely to the country’s aspiration of attaining the middle-income economy by 2025 under the current administration led by H.E. President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli.

As we all know, like in many other parts of Africa, agriculture is an imperative sector to Tanzania’s economic growth and development. Since independence, the government has in various ways been providing a special attention in developing the sector. For example, the government is currently implementing a five – year second phase of the Agricultural Sector Development Programme (ASDP II). This is the roadmap for the agricultural sector development for the next 5 years.

Hon. Hussein Mohamedi Bashe (Mp) Continue to says that history tells us that the industrial revolution paradigm has gone through four phases hitherto. While the first three phases where driven by steam and water energy, electricity, and ICT respectively, the fourth phase is driven by technological innovations such as automation and chemical manufacturing.

The fourth industrial revolution calls for agricultural transformation from traditional farming to agro-processing, value addition and manufacturing to meet the fast growing global food demand. Such transformation however, should go parallel with the development of other sectors of the economy such as energy, education, infrastructure and trade. The current government is very much into making sure agricultural transformation is interwoven with other sectors of the economy. Apparently, the government is constructing an exemplary hydroelectric power-generating dam on which the agriculture sector will largely leverage. The government is also constructing standard gauge railway that has a direct bearing on agricultural distributive efficiency.

Hon. Hussein Mohamedi Bashe (Mp) Deputy Minister Ministry of Agriculture at the end of the speech says that, I therefore believe you will do justice to science and practice as you critically discuss the submitted papers It is my hope that this conference will come up with relevant recommendations to help the government make informed decisions and polices. I assure you that the Ministry of Agriculture will continue to closely working and valuing your research contribution to the development of the nation’s economy.


On 7th of November 2019 a welcome note was provided by Dr. Z. Mpenda on Behalf of the Dean of School to the students of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness and congratulate them, for choosing to study the course of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness (AEA) and assured them  they will gain important skills ,that will help them in their future there after coordinator of the school explaining the various rules and regulation on academic matters together with the instructors they advise the  students to be respective and more focus on their studies.

orientation 1

orientation 2

orientation 3

Judge Damian Lubuva visits SUA –SAEBS

On Wednesday 30th October 2019, the Chairman of the Council of University of Dar Es Salaam (UDSM) Judge Damian Lubuva (Retired) visited Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA-School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies(SAEBS)) with the aim of learning and strengthening relationships and partnerships between the two institutions

Judge Damian Lubuva SUA 31


At (SAEBS) they visited  Youth Incubation Center which is collaborated with AIC PASS .


Judge Damian Lubuva SUA 41

Youth who are under the incubator explain the activities which they are doing.


Paper Development Workshop

The Paper Development Workshop  goal is to promote research dissemination through improving the quality of academic papers developed by postgraduate students, junior faculty members and researchers in Tanzania and Africa.  Each participant will be required to submit paper(s) which will be critically reviewed by a senior scholar with experience of publishing in good academic journals and participant will get feedback on the work on one-to-one basis.



This was the 3rd meeting of workers’ council at school level which took place at School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies  (SAEBS) on 12th Sept. 2019 at Sokoine University of Agriculture.


saebs council 1

saebs council2

saebs council3

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